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Reviewed by Dana Anderson-Villamagna

I can't think of a simpler, more inexpensive way to turn a frequent daily chore into a moment of bliss than by using Meadow Stone Farm's goat's milk soap. Elsa the goat's soaps are a fresh while creamy, simple yet decadent treat. Since opening the beautiful wrapping on the first bar of soap, I have been unusually eager for my wake-up face washing, my showers and even the dreaded shaving of my legs!

Elsa and her mulit-talented owners create many soaps, including smooth, unscented facial or body bars that are perfect for everyone from babies to dads; a soothing shave bar; and a bar called the Workman's Soap made with coffee, cinnamon, patchouli and ground acorn caps for gritty exfoliating. (Think Lava soap meets the forest.) The goat's milk lotion is the lightest, creamiest, most gentle, non-pore clogging lotion this combination skin lotion seeker has ever tried.

I have always had an interest in goat's milk, ever since I was a child and it was the only kind of milk my grandfather would drink. It has been used for ages to nourish and moisturize. Apparently, according to the soap's makers, what makes goat milk so unique is the fat molecules within the milk.

"Goat milk is naturally homogenized, unlike cow milk, which means that the fat molecules are so small they do not easy separate from the water. In fact a centrifuge type machine known as a cream separator is required to remove the cream. This characteristic allows the molecules to more easily penetrate and cover the skin, providing the superior moisturizing effects that goat milk is known for," says Kris Noiseux, Elsa's owner.

Connecticut's Kris and Annemarie Noiseux created the soap after realizing that Elsa had an abundant milk supply.

"We began to find other ways to use the milk, including cheese, ice cream, baking and soaps," says Kris. "Initially we produced these items for our own use and to give to family and friends. All of the soap and lotion recipes were developed by us for our own needs and those of our friends and family. Soon coworkers, friends of friends and so on were seeking us out to buy our products. We began selling soaps on consignment at local stores. This is how our business began and how it continues to grow. We now attend local markets and fairs whenever possible."

For those of us not so fortunate to live near Elsa, we can order online at www.meadowstonefarm.com for yourself or as beautiful little gifts for friends who enjoy quality soaps or who suffer from sensitive skin. Or, call (860) 617-2982. Now, I want to go wash my hands...

Got Goat?

Five Star Reviews
by Jolie Kretchman Loeb

I was prepared for some hokey-pokey goat inspired gimmick. Lotions and crèmes produced by the likes of one exceptionally over-achieving East Coast goat? Come on. Facials fresh off the farm? Enthusiastic I was not. Shame on me.

It began with a rural family, a farm, and a little goat, all who knew what I did not. For decades goat milk has been lending a nutritious hand both medicinally and cosmetically. Its delicate blend of vitamins, molecules, minerals, fat, protein, and water is a natural agent for restoring moisture and supple tonality into the skin. Preserving all the natural qualities in fresh, raw goat's milk; where I had skepticism, they had science.

Kris and Annemarie have raised a rose eating, grass grazing, wildflower-loving goat, whose milk became the manna to their products. Her name is Elsa. What she produces is enough to make a goat gloat.Your first tip off is the shelf life.

You know you're dealing with a preciously produced product when the Face crème arrives with an expiration date - hello lavish. Elsa's Goat Milk Facial Crème is made from fresh, raw milk, the finest cosmetic oils, and is gently scented with old-fashioned violet oil. Dainty enough to be relished by women, subtle enough to be enjoyed by men, this exquisite composition does wonders for a dehydrated complexion. It sits greaselessly on your face and absorbs like a gentle, protective sealant. The feel is a facial's finishing touch. Mmm .Crème Fresh.

The Luxury Bar is perfectly named. With Vitamins A and E, Cocoa Butter, Grape seed Oil and fragrant essential oils, the goat milk base is a delicious building block for concentrating these items into one luscious product. Available in Ylang-Ylang, Rosemary Spearmint, or Violet Lilac, there's a little bit of luxury no matter what your nose chose. While I haven't tried the other two yet (want to!), I can report the Rosemary Spearmint is awakeningly wonderful.

The Classic Goat Milk Baby Bar arrives in such sweet packaging you'll be reluctant to break it open - what a perfect little present. Formulated especially for sensitive skin, this saponified silky smooth offering whispers baby powder and is shaped like a funny little Elsa. Sure to be the hit of any baby shower, or any stocking it should stuff. And the Body Butter: what a marvelous indulgence. Saturate your rough spots with pure, natural goat milk and nourishing exotic oils - protect your skin as you scent it, gloriously. And the texture? Buttery. Three guesses how it leaves your skin feeling.

There is so much care invested in these products - everything from their hand manufacturing to the tiny little flowers they glue onto their wrapping. I recommend their Gift Packages (varieties coming soon at www.meadowstonefarm.com) not only because of the unique nature of the products, but equally because the recipient will feel like they just inherited a bundle of back- to-nature beauty. Complements of one very talented little goat.

So how does Elsa do it? Ahh, some secrets are best kept in the family. But rumor has it, way out in pasture, if you look real close, you just might find Elsa spending many a waking hour whispering trade secrets to her offspring and eventual heir to her throne. There is a future legend of the farm. And his name, is Francois.

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