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Here you will find a list of questions that we are frequently asked. If you have a question that is not covered here or if you would like more detailed information, feel free to contact us. Thank you for your interest in Elsa's Premium Goat Milk Products!

Question: Do you ship internationally?

Answer: Please email or call us first if your order will be shipped outside the continental United States. We ship Global Express for all international orders, including Canada. (please note that customs/duty charges are the responsibility of purchaser - thank you)

Question: Do you offer samples?

Answer: Yes, we offer samples. Since we now must cut a premium bar to obtain samples, we must charge for half bars - please contact us by phone or email & we will custom prepare a sample pack for you. All of our soaps are molded individually, one by one, hand stamped, hand trimmed, and boxed or wrapped. To us, quality is the priority over quantity. To maintain this high quality, we can only produce 15 - 30 bars per batch.

*Please note: We are no longer wholesaling beauty care items.

Question: Do you custom scent?
Answer: Our product line is listed on the website -- if you do not see it listed, it would be considered a Custom Order.

Question: Is your soap "milled"?
Answer: There are two distinct processes commonly referred to as "milling". The purpose of both processes is to rapidly remove excess moisture from the soap, increasing the "hardness" of the soap and extending the life of the soap, as compared to freshly made bars.

"French milling" is a manufacturing process that uses extreme heat and pressure to strengthen the bonds within the soap crytaline structure as well as drive out excess moisture. Commercial soap are milled in this fashion and are usually put through multiple stages of heat and pressure, much like an extrusion process, this is refered to as "triple milled".

Handmade soaps are "hand milled". This is a very different process from "french milling". It is a simple process that can be done in anyones kitchen. Soap is shredded and placed in a double-boiler. It is then heated to it's melting point and re-poured into molds. This process serves only to remove excess moisture from the soap, and is a substitute for a normal curing process. Many soap makers use soap scraps and pre-made bases for this process.

Our soaps are not milled. Both processes described above are detrimental to the delicate structure of the milk proteins contained in our soap. There is no difference in the "hardness" or lifespan of a properly cured bar of soap and a freshly milled soap. Our soaps are made using milk with OUR OWN unique bases - the mixing process takes several hours, as not to damage the fragile milk...all of our goat milk soaps are virgin, aged bars.

Question: Is your soap a "melt and pour" soap, or do you make your own bases?
Answer: Our soaps are made completely from scratch. They are not "melt and pour" bases or remanufactured soap. We blend the bases ourselves to ensure the highest quality standards. We use only milk (no water) in our base mixed with a mix of premium vegetable oils.

Question: Is your soap safe for my sensitive skin?
Answer: In MOST cases, our soaps; the scented and unscented versions are safe for skin with acne, rosacea, psoriasis, and allergies. They are non-drying and non-irritating. We use NO LANOLIN due to it's allergy-inducing itchiness. The soaps were developed because we are unable to tolerate the harsh chemicals/detergents in commercial products. The scented versions are safe for most skin types - however, if you are unsure, (and everyone is different) we have several unscented versions available on request (baby bar & luxury bar) . All of our soaps are used for both body or face. Please refer to our ingredient listing for specifics.

*A NOTE ABOUT PRESERVATIVES -- We do not use them in our soaps at all. Our FRESH cremes (by special request) can be made without the tiny amount that we use to eliminate contamination from outside sources. Please email us to discuss the benefits vs. drawbacks to using no preservatives. Please note that our fresh goatmilk cremes are fragile, and they will last longer (up to 12 months) if refrigerated AND preserved. Fresh milk cannot keep on the shelf for an extended time without loads of chemical additives-- we try to avoid chemicals when possible, therefore -- high temperatures should be avoided as to ascertain a longer shelf-life. Preservatives used are less than 1% in our lotions/cremes.

Question: What makes your goat milk soap different from others?
Answer: We do not use powdered, frozen, pastuerized, or adulterated goatmilk.....the fresh, organic milk is a part of our own premium vegetable oil base -- and is NOT added in after the base is already made. Many goat milk soaps are made with a WATER base & adding a little milk in the END process.** The goat milk is difficult to work with and incredibly time consuming...but this is our specialty and labor of love--we actually take an entire evening to SLOWLY mix a batch of soap from the raw honey & the milk. (We also use organic, creamy, raw honey in our products.) We make these in our own kitchen, and nothing is mass-produced. We have the highest percentage of goat milk that can be used per bar. Our soaps last a long time, and get better as they age. No preservatives, colors, waxes, fillers = a superior product that is safe and pure!!!!! (You simply cannot buy soaps of this quality on a store shelf......pure organic milk AND raw honey!)

Question: Do you private label?
Answer:We put a tremendous amount of time & energy into our products... we DO NOT private label. Our products are made from our own exclusive recipes.This means that we are not willing to let someone else market OUR products as their own. We do not mass-market and do not have equipment to make soap in large batches. Everything is hand made in our kitchen in pots and we cannot maintain this superior quality (or feel good about the products we make) by skimping on time or ingredients....We do, however, make soaps for weddings or boutiques (stamped with our Meadow Stone Farm identifier) that can be unwrapped/wrapped for a specific event or boutique.

Question: What is the difference between your soap recipes? Why do some lather and some do not?
Answer: Many people confuse lathering with cleaning. One has nothing to do with the other. Our luxury bars give the most lather, and our facial bars have the least..this is due to the difference in ingredients in the different recipes. Our soaps clean without stripping the skin of its oils...you will notice that less moisturizing creams/lotions are necessary after a shower or bath.... (glycerine is a moisturizing ingredient that is a by-product of the natural soap-making process. Commercial soapmakers REMOVE glycerine, and is sold to the cosmetics industry for an increased profit; this is why commericial soaps are actually harsh DETERGENTS.)

Question: Which soaps contain essential oils? Which fragrance oils?
Answer: Essential oils are used whenever possible - we use (the highest quality)perfume oils whenever there is a scent that we cannot get from nature or when essential oils should NOT be used (many are toxic to children & babies - ***If you are looking for an essential oil soap that is BABY safe, please check our RARE OILS under "Almost Unscented & Tasmanian Lavender" -- as Rose & Lavender are the safest for baby, and they are all we use due so the fact that many essentials are NOT baby safe. For our regular baby bars, we use skin safe fragrance oils or do not scent at all. We seek out pure unadulterated essentials, and use them whenever we can...most of our rare essentials are utilized in our exclusive perfumes, and the cost is comparitive to the raw materials, and the time it takes to locate them -- many of our customers request scents that are not found in nature...this is where the fine perfume oils help us to be more creative....our specific ESSENTIAL OIL or FRAGRANCE FREE soaps are: Workmans Soap, Facial Bar with Rosewood EO, Unscented Luxury Bar, Unscented Baby Bar, Almost-Unscented Rare Oils *Luxury Bar with Morroccan Rose/ Tasmanian Lavender Essential Oils, Rosemary-Spearmint Luxury Bar, Hand Soap, Mens Soothing Shave Bar, and....Rare Oils* Luxury Bar Scented with Tasmanian Lavender & Rosewood Oils. *Our Rare Oils soaps prices may change due to fluctuating market prices/availability.

Question: Which creme is best for face/body? What type of skin will benefit from your skin salve? How do I store creams?
Answer: The lightest version of our creams is the goatmilk lotion. Our body butter is a little thicker than the lotion, and is good for ALL over use. It also has a very long shelf life. Our body creme has the widest range of uses and is appropriate for use on the body (for extreme moisturizing) or face. It can be used on combination skin to extremely dry skin with good results. The skin salve is our heaviest formulation and is primarily for cracked or calloused skin, or for patchy skin problem areas such as feet or elbows. Our body creme and salve formulas may separate in extreme heat. This will not affect the product in any way, and is due to a minimal amount of preservative. Refrigeration will prevent this (it will also help formulas to last longer) but will change the cremes to a solid-butter like consistency. All that is needed is to rub between your hands to soften before applying. Our salve/creme can be scented with essential oils only -

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