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"Fieldes have eies and the woods have eares." - John Heywood,1565

Click on me!Winter 2011/12

Welcome to Meadow Stone Farm!

Here on the farm, it has been a little hectic since Hurricane Irene. Unfortunately we lost all of our cheese during the prolonged power outage. Our generator just couldn’t keep up with the equipment demands. We are starting from the beginning making all of our hard aged cheeses. The earliest, our famous “One Eyed Jack”, should be ready for Christmas. On the plus side, we have a whole new line-up of soft cheeses that have the unique signature of cheese maker (drum roll please….) Kris!

Our “White Knight” is available now. This camembert has a soft, creamy texture with a delicate honey-like flavor. The curd is hand-ladled into delightful mini wheels.

“White Bliss” will be the new standard in brie. A rich and luscious white mould cheese. Its delicate creamy flavor delivers a full-mouth feel with an aroma that hints of mushroom and nuts. It is extra smooth and luxurious on the palate due to its high cream content.

We have two “Blue” cheeses that are still a bit young. The first of the wheels, Blue Knight”, is ready to sample. What we can tell you is that Kris outdid himself on these recipes. We GUARANTEE these will be unlike any other blue you have tasted! We GUARANTEE these will be unlike any other blue you have tasted!

Please note that the MEADOW STONE FARM SHOPPE will be open by appointment only and otherwise closed for the months of January and February.

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Don't forget that we are back at the Stonington Farmer's Market on Saturday Mornings. The Stonington Farmers Market is located at the Community Center 10am-1pm. Come stop by and say hello!

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