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"Fieldes have eies and the woods have eares." - John Heywood,1565

Click on me!Spring and Summer 2015

Welcome to Meadow Stone Farm!

Many thanks to all of you who are visiting our website due to the New York Times Article this Memorial Day Weekend! We produce artisanal goat cheese on our farm located in Northeastern Connecticut. We currently focus our efforts locally and you will find us at a range of farmers markets and events this season where you can sample all of our fresh and aged cheeses.

If you would like to know our latest activity, please find us on Facebook - you can follow THIS LINK and 'like' our page. We'd love to keep you updated!

Here is an example of past aged cheeses we have brought to the markets, along with the savory fresh chevre selections we are famous for. We'll be updating our page soon with more details, but please feel welcome to contact us with any question or look for us on Facebook:

“White Knight”This camembert has a soft, creamy texture with a delicate honey-like flavor. The curd is hand-ladled into delightful mini wheels.

“White Bliss” is a rich and luscious white mould cheese. Its delicate creamy flavor delivers a full-mouth feel with an aroma that hints of mushroom and nuts. It is extra smooth and luxurious on the palate due to its high cream content.

Blue Knight” is an aged blue cheese we GUARANTEE will be unlike any other blue you have tasted!

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